(See below to learn how to order from your table)

Below is the handout menu for in-store ordering. To see the online menu for the Glendale location, click here. You can also find the online menu by downloading the Phone App. Join the Loyalty Program!

We appreciate and encourage customers to schedule orders online, linked above, in advance. You can note "Dining In" in the comments if you wish to eat inside, subject to Covid-19 mandates. As a result of Covid-19, staffing is reduced. So, advance ordering helps with operations. Thank you!

~If you are already here, you can order online from your table with the above links.

~Just note "Dining In" in the comments.

~Let our staff know you have ordered online so we can retrieve/expedite it from the online portal for preparation.

Here is a copy of the in-store menu:

(2 pages || Online Prices vary)