If you’re not a “Munster” you may be perfect to work at Pizza Studio.

(Cheesy applicants welcome.)

The Details:

If you have a strong work ethic, take pride in your work, are on time, and will work to help each and every guest feel welcome, please apply for a job at Pizza Studio.

We seek mostly part-time people to perform some or all of the following tasks.

OPEN/CLOSE: You'll help prepare the store to open (set up the line/stations, tables, soda, and so on) or prepare the store for closing (cleaning line/stations, sweeping, mopping, and so on).

PREPARATION: You'll need to have some basic knife skills for cutting vegetables and be comfortable roasting veggies, slicing meats, preparing the dough and grating fresh cheese. You'll help keep track of inventory, keep the line stocked, and report items that are running low.

BUILDING FOOD ORDERS: You'll have the most interaction with the guests, so a sunny welcoming attitude is a must. You'll be conversing with the guests while creating their pizzas and, sometimes, salads, wings, or other menu items.

CASHIERS: You'll be making the final transactions with the guests. You'll offer cookies, drinks, and promote our Loyalty Program. You'll thank each and every customer for visiting, so a pleasant/gracious attitude is critical. You will also monitor online and phone orders.

CLEANING: You'll need to clean dishes, tables, chairs, floors, equipment, and walls. Removal of trash/recycling is also required.

RUNNER: You'll bring food orders to guests at their tables and ensure guests have what they need. Ensure empty tables are clean.

Training will be provided.

Employee discounts are available for food and drinks.

Excellence may lead to promotions, as Pizza Studio grows and prospers.