Fundraise with Pizza Studio.

Easily and simply raise funds with delicious pizzas or wings that are conveniently ordered online. (Scroll down for details.) Supporters will do some good and experience a quality product, unlike some other items typically used for fundraising.




25% of every “Fundraising Pizza” or "Fundraising Wings"* purchased online will go to a non-profit that reserves dates (one-week minimum) to raise funds and takes proactive steps to promote the fundraiser. (We have a template to copy for sharing with supporters.)

During the reserved dates, all a supporter will need to do is order the fundraising items online at Pizza Studio or via the Phone App. Supporters simply select their choices under the Fundraising category/tab. (See the video above for an ordering example.)

*Items available are Large or Personal pizzas, up to 6 toppings

or Large Bone-In or Boneless Wings.

Recent or active fundraiser:

Fundraising begins 4/8/21 thru the end of April on behalf of the Northshore Rotary. A generous benefactor has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, all the proceeds raised via Pizza Studio's fundraising platform.

"Service above Self" is the Northshore Rotary's motto. It has provided funding for multiple projects that benefit our community. It will use funds raised here to do more good works in the Northshore. Please help the Rotary by purchasing a Fundraising Pizza or Wings via Pizza Studio's online fundraising platform. Just go here and order online from the Fundraising tab. You'll do some good to help the Rotary do some good and enjoy a great meal, too!

Reserve Fundraising dates for your good cause.

Call 414.797.4663 and send an email to